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Don't Panic

cup of tea

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Ok, the real winners tonight were Billericay but we're still second, 3 points behind with a game in hand (and loads of points ahead of Hastings!). It's not a disaster.


Let's get behind the team and get promotion.

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The results of the next two away matches could well decide the end of season , looking at billericays final fixtues they do seem to have a easier run in , if hornhcurch dont get anything from the hendon game on saturday , billericay look to have a easy 3 points on saturday which would leave us 6 pts behind them with just one game in hand , and as fixtures will soon start to run out makes saturday and next tuesday as must wins really otherwise playoffs it will be ! where we could end up facing a team like canvey the way they have found there form lately .

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No doubt that Billericay are in a stronger position - and they have more resources than AFCH have so they can cover injuries/suspensions easier but we're not out of it yet - there's plenty of games left to go. A win against Hendon would go a long way to getting back on track.

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We are well on track,If we get anything from 4-6 points from our next two away games we will be in the stronger position of the 3 teams.Don't forget Ricay and Lowestoft play each other last game.


As easy as that eh Eastside Troll? You take four points from your away games at Hendon and Carshalton and we lose at home to Horsham and you will be two points clear. You must be huge favourites.

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