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Arrival from Australia


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Hey All,


My name is David, I live in Melbourne Australia. I've been a long life fan of football and I've had my fair share of success in my career and would now like to buy a Non league football club. Now before you jump out and tell me it's not worth it, I believe it is!

Could anyone kindly assist me in pointing me in a direction as to where to look for clubs that are for sale or if you know any clubs for sale please PM as I'll be happy to pay a fee for anyone that could find me a football that has potential! I'm looking to pay around 3,000,000 pounds.


Looking forward to your greetings.


Kind regards,
David Stafford 

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The reason as to why I'm here is because I didn't know as to where I can start. I thought this forum would be a good start because I'm talking directly to the fans and club officials. 


Please don't hesitate to PM me. I'm a genuine prospect, so I do appreciate it if anyone can help out.




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