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As Rother was so kind to come onto the Slough forum, I thought I would reciprocate, however judging by the amount of activity on here it may well get a very limited number read it - I can see why Rother has given up on here and is now squatting on a forum with some activity.


Well here goes, Congratulations on winning the bed and breakfast cup (that's the one most clubs try and get out of as they have more important games to play) that means you now have one prize against the Windsor name.


Also wishing you well in the playoffs.


Out of interest why don't you report the attendance numbers on your match reports - have they got so low it is that embarrassing?

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I can't believe there's another bunch of non league supporters with such thin skins and suspicious minds as Slough Town FC.


15 posts over the course of the season, all polite and wishing them well, and they think I'm some kind of troublemaker. I think they've got a groundshare complex or something.


I don't know. Even the management has got involved now. Very odd.


Anyway rebel1965, welcome, welcome - it's good to see you pop over. At least you knew I'd reply!


Gate was 168 yesterday I believe, not bad for a pretty meaningless end of season game I guess.


The population of Slough being 140,000 compared to Windsor's 31,000, and the fact that you are so much higher up the pyramid, I guess you must be averaging well over 1,000 a game now.


Apologies if I'm a bit light on that number, but I'm sure you'll put me right.

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Rebel1965 you can find details of attendances here: http://www.nonleaguematters.co.uk/divisions/25/3/ scroll down to the bottom, average 205. 15% increase on last year. I note Slough's is 279, so quite comparable given you're in a higher division and we get very few, if any, away supporters in our division and no local derbies compared to what Slough have. Not to mention, as Rother points out, the population size, and thus catchment area, of our relative towns.

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Typical of a Slough fan to mention attendances....


However Geggy indeed makes a good point. In fact on current attendances we would be the 4th biggest club in Slough’s league. Not bad really for a so called small club.


When you take into account the attendance boost from being in a higher league with genuine big non-league teams like Kettering coming to visit it’s not inconceivable our crowds would be higher than Slough’s if we were fortunate enough to go up one day.

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I appriciate that people like to banter and / or even push wind up comments to the limit (hey, we have our 'own' well documented fans that do that), but credit where credit due, Rother did come on our board last week and even if relucantly congratulate us on winning promotion.


Personally, I have no malice towards any of our local rivals or their fans, good luck next season Windsor.

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