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Oh no we're bottom of the table!


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Well that's even more reason for our own ground in slough! Surely they realize that's a massive reason behind it! I went to a school around the corner from out old ground and most of the lads and a few girls use to go with their dads!

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doesn't tell us anything we don't know. we have a pretty big town population wise but play so far away from the town and having moved away and dropped from the Conference we have been hit hard


important thing will be how much it can be improved if and when we move home. will be by no means a certainty that we will be able to bring in a lot of old and new fans just because we are back in Slough either

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I think Maidstone is a good indication of the potential however:


We were playing against Maidstone for Godalming in Ryman South when they were groundsharing at Sittingbourne, they were lucky if they got 300 people through the gates, and this had been the case for a number of years.


However following their long awaited return to Maidstone the local community really got behind them, and their crowds have gone from strength to strength... I am not for one saying that our crowds would mirror Maidstone in the slightest, however their would be good potential for them to grow....

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I think that table is relevant and shouldn't be lightly dismissed.


I produced the same table last season for when we were in Div 1 and the result was the same.

I'm not denying the ground location is a big issue though frankly more psychological than an ACTUAL problem.

I don't believe that most would go by bus even if there was one every 10 minutes. The main issue about the ground, and thus the club, is visibility.

Many people in Slough are still unaware of the club or if they do know about it at all, it is only vaguely.

I started the Rebels Online Facebook page for this very reason as over half of the population of Slough has a facebook presence.


Since September when the page started, well over 25,000 have seen posts about the club, many of them multiple times.
This sort of stuff won't convert quickly to more people turning up on Saturday but over time it will.

This is no substitute for a ground in the town of course, far from it, though this sort of preparatory work will make any news or actuality of a move back to Slough more effective when the time comes.
I also believe that the more the club is "on the map" so to speak then the more likely that the powers that be will look favourably on the ground issue.

Another point that I believe is relevant is that as a large portion of Slough is of Asian origin, it might help if some thought is given as to how the club could be made more attractive to them.

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