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Under / Over achievers

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As we approach the end of the season, who do we think have Under / Over achieved in the SSMFL this season in comparison to what was expected of them in August?


My choices and reasons for picking them...




Kings Langley - Surely would never have expected to have won the league in the first season!

London Colney - To finish second would be a surprise, but their current form speaks for itself.

Sun Sports - At one stage looked to be odds on for a promotion push. A top 5 finish would be very respectable. Any truth the demotion rumours?





Cockfosters - Management and player changes can't have helped. In August, I thought that they would be an outside shot for a top 6 finish.

Hoddesdon Town - No comment

Berkhamsted - A lot of people predicted a promotion push / title challenge.

Colney Heath - Some had them down as an outside shot of a top 3 finish in August.

Chesham Reserves - Although a reserve side, they are made up of some very good young players.

Southall - I think that they will be strong next season.

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I wouldn't call Kings Langley overachievers. The squad they pulled together included players who only recently were at Dunstable Town or Hemel.


Agreed. Hughesy and the rest of the management team have pulled together a very good squad.


However, I meant overachieved in comparison to expectations we had of teams when the season started. You would have got good odds on KL winning the league in August!

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No way have Hertford under achieved, over achieved if anything firstly being extremely lucky to win the Charity cup with a controversial sending off secondly winning the games they did by jumping around on the floor like clowns to con ref's almost embarrassingly!!!! But just my opinion. i could go on.


Kings langley would have only over achieved had they keep the same players from last year, they have added some real quality and depth and seeing them play this year, they have added in the right places and thoroughly deserved their promotion.


London Colney have achieved what they were expecting with the same squad for the 3rd year running allowing the players to know each other, 23 games unbeaten can not be counted as an over achievement in any book not to mention 22 clean sheets - That would normally win you a league!


Thats Just my opinion bring on the come backs! 

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After being in relegation battles for last 3 seasons I wouldn't call a top half finish and first trophy win in 20 years under-performance for Hertford Town. And we have continued to grow attendances which is what will deliver success in future years.


I would add Broxbourne Boro to list of over-performers. They overcame the turmoil from the previous season tremendously.

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Not sure we ca be considered either by most but certainly we feared the worst and table in December bears that out. So to have got the points on the board we have and well clear of relegation we have exceeded our own expectations this season.




Kings Langley, London Colney and Sun Sports have been superb and must have surprised a few. Berlin big underachievers.


Div one


For me Risborough have had a great season, not sure what they expected but I didn't expect to see them right up there. Incredible revival for Broxbourne too. Expected better things of Southall but I have since they joined he division they have flattered to deceive at times, I fully expect them now they look settled to be right up their with Edgeware next season.

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The amazing thing about our team this season is that it is the same team that came second to Sun last season, with the exception of a couple of players.

Fantastic achievement to be fair. With the tough games you had left, really thought we had a chance to catch you, but you kept on winning while we drew too many.

Big effort from us next season.

Good luck in the Southern League.

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I agree that we would be classed as underachievers with our current squad but it's not the same one that started the year. If we keep the nucleus of the squad with a couple of experienced players and a good pre season we should defo be pushing with edgeware next year. Two old names in football

Really hope we can nail down Jack Ward for next year. Defo get us 30 goals or I'll shave my hair off.

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Dom - thought you boys were very capable today. Your right back, deep centre mid (hakim?) and centre forward were quality.

Think you will challenge next year.

Thank your number 7 (young but balding lad) for the vicious bite I have on my arm. He is an accident waiting to happen and should have been sent off

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