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Dunstable away match


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What team would fans play against Dunstable,given how we played Saturday?


I would start with




Fraser  Hollis  Clayton  Dhillon


Gokman   Sear   Webb  Putman


Strutton    Mpi


Subs: Hicks  Rumbold  Hope W.Harris  Smith 


Scott Harris isn't available, is he?




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So you've said in the other thread you'd want to see Smith and Strutton starting, but in your line up for what is currently Strutton's last game, you put Smith on the bench?


ARAAS, didn't realise it was Strutton's last game !


Taking that into account, the decision to play Struts tonight, very much depends on what the managers have decided to do or not do with Charlie Strutton.


If he's likely to play for us again then I would start with him and Charlie Mpi. If he isn't going to play for us again, then for me it should be Smith and Mpi to start.


Strutton and Smith need to train regularly together and I would start them off together in a home match but that looks very unlikely to happen now, if rumours I've heard are true.  

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Excellent result. Well done all involved. Sounds like it was a thoroughly deserved victory.

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Speaking to one of their fans on the way out he suggested frendo had stuck his head into hicks for the late red card. Couldn't see what happened from the other end.


Fantastic performance tonight all round, Putman again excellent and did great for the second as did smithy for the third. Motm for me though was Nathan Webb who had a cracking match in centre mid. In fact that same Dunstable fan stated that our centre midfield pair won it for us.


Their oap goalie/captain was a great sport and very funny bemoaning his teammates.


All in all a good evenings work, well done lads!!!

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After a very average first half were you could argue we were slightly unfortunate to go in 1-0 we completely changed in the second half. Every player came out second half with the bit between their teeth, showing great energy and willingness to want to get back in the game and come home with all 3 points. We played with much more speed and confidence second half, presuuring the Dunstable all over the pitch and doubling up on the player with the ball.


Some good play particularly down the left hand side created chances which were well taken. The first Slough goal came through miscommunication between Reynolds (LB) and Bastock (GK) who seemed to tackle each other and Strutton came away with the ball just yards away from goal to tap the ball into the unguarded net. The second came from good play by Putman down the left who had a stinging shot which could only be parried by Bastock in goal to Warren Harris who was in the right place at the right time to tap in to give us the lead. The third goal came from a good one two between Puts and Ed Smith with Smith putting a low cross into the box which Warren helped on to Mpi who again had a simple tap in to seal the 3 points.



In the last few minutes of the game Frendo who had been subbed on had a coming together with Hicks with the two of them having words and needing to be separated by their team mates on several occasions with Frendo eventually putting his head towards Hicks just 2-3 yards in front of the referee and was righty sent off. (not sure you can call it much of a headbutt) The two players both had been pushing each other a bit but nothing much before the "headbutt". Very stupid from Frendo who will now have a 3 game suspension.



All in all, a much better performance in the second half very similar to how we were playing in October. Helped to make up for a bitterly cold evening in a very open ground with no protection from the elements at Dunstable.


Tricky to give MotM tonight but would agree with others that Nathan Webb was probably the difference for us tonight.


edit - apologies if the radio did drop out or go quiet at any point, the setup wasn't exactly ideal !!!

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