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Rumours are young prodigy Bircham is going to snub London colney move for WGC???

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That old chestnut of club budgets rears its ugly head again.


For the record - Yes WGC does have a budget this season, however the only people who know the amount are the manager and treasurer - us humble serfs are not privy to such information.


Yes I can confirm the club has submitted a couple of seven day approaches but again who they are remains a matter between the manager, myself and the clubs approached (note I use the term clubs, as a seasoned secretary I know the rules regarding seven day approaches - one per club per month.

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£175 for Bircham not a chance :-) but he is a decent player but that is silly money at this level of football. Would be interested to hear RH and RB take on this?


Love a bit of footy gossip though good post :-)

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Only two teams in this league that can pay three figures and unfortunately we're not one of them! Assume it needs to be announced officially but looks like it. I have a lot of respect for the player and all at Levy Green but he will flourish at a top 3 club. Good signing for Thommo

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