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Wow two unexpected player moves. Although I had seen Paul was back and figured out he may return. Has he been travelling for around 2 years? Although he was a decent player in the league below he did have a discipline problem so was surprised he's the type of player Neil & Jon would be interested in. Maybe his travels have mellowed him out! Definitely worth the gamble though although it may take a while for him to find his fitness/form, so we need to be patient! Massive loss to lose Charlie but you can't stop these issues from arising and best of luck to him. Hopefully this Step 3 striker is prolific at this level if he signs.

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Paul Coyne returns.


If he can get back to the form he was in before he left then it can only be a plus for us.


I expect 3spirit might have a few words to say.   ;)    


You stirring the pot again, Reading Rebel ! 

I get the feeling that if I wasn't here to give my opinion you'd get me hung, drawn and quartered ! ha ha !


Gutted Charlie Mpi isn't going to be with us much. Losing him is a big loss. What with Ed Smith out and Scott Harris rusty ,we've got huge problems to fix up front. Not what we need going into January. 


Paul Coyne's return is a shock to me, I must admit. I know a lot of Slough fans will be pleased.

To me it was never a question of his footballing ability, as he can be a very influential midfielder who has a good range of passing.

What let him down last time, under Steve Bateman, was his temperament and negative effect he had on others. Hopefully, he has learned from that period and from his travelling experiences in Australia and is coming back a changed man but still a good footballer.


We will have to wait and see how he does..........





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