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Richard C

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He was head and shoulders our star man last season and would have been a great asset to us this year.

Could make the step up to league footie, if given the chance.


Mercenary ! - he signed a year contract with us , honoured it, put 100 % effort when on the pitch , and was our player of the year.. what more do you want ?



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Do you expect the club to be 'loyal' by renewing all players contracts when they expire ?


Benno is by all accounts alledgely a bit of an [****!!****], but you can not level the charge of being disloyal to the Fleet at him. Its a job , he is ambitious and when he moved on, he had no obligations to us. In fact we should be grateful to him, because he along with one or two others kept a poor squad in the conference, and enabled us to move on, and slowly grow as a club.

Would we have grown faster if he had stayed here ? probably yes, but we can't begrudge him moving.

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On the other hand, Jacko is actually a very decent bloke, still loves the Fleet, but did exactly the same a Benno, and for the same reasons; ie to have a go at full time football, more money and to have a go at getting into the football league before age catches up with him.

Not sure we should be moaning about Benno if we don't moan about Jacko.

Best is to just thank them both for their time at the Fleet,and for helping us stay in the Conference.

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One other thing, in these days of "professionalism" and 1 and 2 year contracts, it is the exception rather than the rule for any player to stay loyal to one club for say, 10 years. Once upon a time there was a testomonial game almost every season for a long servant, nowadays they are almost obsolete.

It is therefore quite normal for a club to change 90% of it's playing staff over a 4 year period.

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i dont see how you can compare jacko and bentley surely in the fact only that they are both quality players.jacko had plenty of oppotunities during his fleet career to so call better himself. I think you will find forest at one time were interested amongst others..as for going full time i was under the impression that he was still not a full time player..the facts are bentley one year thanks very much..jacko eight years(guess sorry) thanks very much..If it was about money surely jacko would have gone years ago

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