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England Goalie retires

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pity the poor abbey supporter who has no other abbey fan to speak to.Towners speaking to Towners IS of concern and interest so it should stay here.Seaman was pure class and a credit to his country and the mighty GOONERS.

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Southport - TOWNER said:
Billy Cove could have given him a run for his money.

Abbey - if you don't like the title of the thread you don't have to open it. That is why i try and make the titles obvious. sorry mate.

Talk about getting excited!

All I did was questioned the relevance of the thread on this forum....

.... that's why there are a number of different ones to keep all the relevant posts together <img src="/images/graemlins/affig.gif" alt="" />
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I get the feeling that AbbeyMan works in a bank. Or maybe he is a civil servant? He seems to be a stickler for keeping files in their correct folders and drawers. I support an ESL team so naturally I will look in the ESL forum to read what ESL supporters are writing about. Or maybe I should do what AN is suggesting, and look for a folder in all the forums on NLUK written by ESL supporters that says 'SEAMAN' or whatever subject I may be thinking of viewing. What way do you think would generate the quickest results?

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