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Thursday Night Supporters Meeting

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Low key but positive affair - think we all know by now that Andy talks a good game. He spoke very positively about his plans for this season and the type of football he wants to see - I'm sure we're all hoping for a big improvement on last year.


Mario Noto's enthusiasm was infectious - sounds like the players are enjoying the sessions arranged by him and Steve Wales (who was away).


Tifosy scheme has run it's course and is to be replaced by a similar scheme run by the club. Members can expect an email with details this week - prices will be the same, I understand, if we sign up by a certain date. Care though as Tifosy members will need to sign up again, the club isn't allowed to transfer details from one scheme to the other.


It was stressed again how important sponsorship is to the club - naming rights to the stadium available also. Finances remain tight, even post Conifa which appears to have been a financial success for the club, as well as generating much goodwill and positive publicity. Ram was congratulated on his work in putting that all together - as, of course, were the volunteers without whose help we couldn't have run it. 

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Vman if you pay by Direct Debit just tell your bank to make no further payments. If you pay by Standing Order send a letter your bank authorising not to make any more any more payments. Either of these processes can be done by Internet banking or telephone banking, if you are registered to use them.


Any transaction made after the date of your instructions have to be refunded by the bank.


Also, the recipient of any direct debt is duty bound not claim any payment after a scheme has been closed. S/orders are slightly different as they are payments made under your order.


I hope this helps but as I am not a banker but if you have any probs speak to your bank. 

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