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More bad news for the gits

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Ground turned down at tonights council meeting, due to finances not being in place.




lets hope they hang on in there and see the season out, and get themselves sorted out ( at what ever level they end up at ) in the summer.


Why has Kent got such a bad record at footie club financial management..



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Much as I feel sorry for the true and genuine supporters of 'git, I do feel that much of the problem has been brought about by mismanagement of the club by those who should know better (and have duly resigned). Ambition and plans for a glamourous new ground are one thing, but as both Maidstone and Sittingbourne have found to their cost, you do need a shedfull of money to start with + a big fanbase. Margate had neither the money, number of supporters through the turnstiles nor the finacial nous to realise their overzealous plans.

They can, take heart, however, from the fact that both the Bourne and the Stones have arisen from the ashes and are slowly rebuilding. Margate can do this too.

All at the Fleet will watch with keen interest further developments at Hartsdown Park (or wherever).

The storyline is more implausable than those of the late "Striker" in the Sun newspaper.

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A real mess for Margate - given that , last week they were given the impression that the pre council meeting was positive.


Parmenter obviously knew what was going to happen though, resigning as he did, and the supporters seemed prepared for the worst as their messageboard indicates that some were already talking of a meeting to (potentially) rebuild, early next week.


Bad news if they go under before the end of the year, given that we'll lose 6 points, but difficult to see how they can continue to finance the wage bill, etc - the end of the season must seem a long way off right now for the club and supporters.

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In the little I've seen of him, I was quite impressed with Darren Watson, too: took their goal at the Crabble very well & showed great determination, followed by a perfect cross for their one at our place.


However, if I was a 'Git supporter, I'd be a bit miffed with this automatic assumption that all their players are now up for grabs.


Best wishes to the people there trying to salvage something.



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i think we should buy sodje the animal and have a new raffle every week. £1 and the winner gets to smack him in the face at half time on the pitch. I would gladly use my all my salary for that one. I'm sure others would too.A nice little earner for fordy and the fleet, we could recoup our outlay for him in about .....20 or so mins after the first raffle started?

What do you think.

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The RK report on their Sports program tonight suggested that Mr Piper is still very hopeful of putting a new deal together and of getting that through at the next Council meeting in 2 weeks time.


The RK presenter seemed to have been convinced that it was still positive for them. And apparently, Piper still believes that, if the ground gets started by the end of month, they will get sufficient of it built by 31 May to satisfy the Conference. They quoted the precedent of Telford, who apparently satisfied the Conference with a ground that was only completed on 2 sides at the time.


Still seems doubtful to me, but one never knows ...

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