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Where's Margate's Cookie now...?

Stu M

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All credit to you on yesterdays win.Scraped home against 10 men I see but well done nevertheless.Good to see I am famous on your forum.

As it is at the moment I am staying quiet as things aren't so rosy, as you already know.During the year my posts on here are purely tongue-in-cheek and if you prefer to take them too seriously then thats your perogative.Bubble burst? Yes it did but you got a result so thats all that counts isnt it? Being serious, you have got yourselves back on track so good on you.We down here are trembling with the thought of no team, no club so if we go down you and dover will have to carry the flag for kent, though I do really think you are not of kent really.Carry the flag then for the locals in this conference and maybe jusy maybe one day we will meet again.Good luck to you all.

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On the issue of football in kent. IF and i mean IF Margate goes tits up, couldnt some of their fans come and watch us! I know at first there will be no chance of this, but when the dust settles and confguide is being missed they could be converted. After all our very own super supporter John converted from Dartford all those years ago?? 300 margate fans becoming fleet fans??


Not meant to offend anyone, merely just implying that you will all be welcome ( not that sodje bloke though!! lol)

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Can't see that happening Richard C, not from Margate anyway. Although never say never!

Similar to Supa Supporter John, I too was a Darts supporter up until the fiasco with Maidstone etc..,bawling.gif Spent many hours/weekends with a handful of supporters improving the Watling St ground, built the social club and even installed new floodlights. Other things in life took over and lost complete interest in the non-league game.


Although lived in Gravesend about 20yrs it was only thru the Fleet promoting themselves via the local schools a few years ago, I helped take along a dozen or so youngsters and basically got hooked, again! Thoroughly enjoying NL footie again with G&NFC and all the good and bad times that go with it.


Maybe another tour of the schools could attract a few more like myself who, in turn, have introduced several others who are now season ticket holders.


Up the Fleet!!!!!!!!


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What the hell is it with you guys? I try to be complimentary and less hostile, as this is no time to continue with the abuse bantered at each other (tongue-in-cheek or not).We have a serious situation here as you all know too well.Past comments at this time need to be shelved and understanding of our position needs to be seen.If and when we get back on track then perhaps the banter can continue, but until then, we would be grateful for some understanding and respect as all the goings on leading up to this situation isn't the fault of the fans.I would expect you, just like other clubs with their goodwill messages, to put aside verbal abuse and be with us on this one. Deep down, respect IS given from us for your achievements and your style of play so don't for one minute think that you are not appreciated.As for the club being in the doldrums because of past wind-ups from me, how can you say we are in trouble because of what I say. No doubt someone will put a damper on this post or quote AGAIN something that I have said and pick holes in it, but I sincerely hope that that will not be the case.

As for you being in kent or not I will concede to your feelings that you ARE in fact one of us.My apologies for saying otherwise.Please try and accept praise as and when it comes to you, no matter who the sender may be.This is a very serious COOKIE speaking here so please respect not only my words and feelings at this time but many others going through a rough time right now. Thanks!

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I think you may have over-reacted a tad to the comments here, but I can understand your state of mind at the moment, as I'm sure can most other Fleet supporters.


Believe me, we have a grudging respect for you too. Like us, you made it into the Conference against all the odds, finishing above a team with vastly greater resources, both in terms of players & finances. We also followed your results up to Christmas of your first season in the top flight with amazement & admiration. I'd say the 'Git were an inspiration to us, at that time, to go on & do likewise.


Sincerely hope you turn it around, without being relegated if possible & best wishes to those actively working to save your club.


Of course once you're back to rude health, forget all these admissions of respect & good wishes. The mutual abuse will re-start in earnest!



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