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Pinnock, Abbey or Evans?

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Well, we can safely say it won't be Evans, can't we!? In fact, with Manny only on loan and Rob Haworth at Maidenhead for the rest of the season, our forward options don't actually look that extensive, as was proved yesterday. If you could stand Ben, Manny and Moussa on top each other, they'd barely be collectively as tall as Chris Moore!!!

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Essandoh, Omoyinmi, Pinnock, Abbey and Battersby plus Sidibe leaves us with a few options.

Rob Howarth being on loan haunted us a bit yesterday as I felt we lacked a big man up top but Id rather him stay fit and be playing than rotting and not playing at all.

With Evans and Strouts now gone completely it leaves a couple of spaces for players to secure themselves deals for next year.

The players who have come into the club this season are another step up from those we have released recently. Chris Moore in particular has been exceptional.

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