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Enfield Town v Lewes

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2 minutes ago, Barney said:

we've shown enough in the first part of the season to say we have a talented squad, capable of competing with most sides in the league, and the management team should be judged on whether we can get back to that level of performance and secure a top 5 place.

I agree that we've shown that we can compete with most sides in the league, my issue is that we're not as good as our league position would have had us believe. We've been thumped twice by Lewes 4-1, drew and lost against Folkestone, lost to Bishops Stortford, honours even with Cheshunt, drew with Worthing, scraped a win against Hornchurch and lost to Margate.

I'm not saying we should give up and go home, but I am saying that we're going to have to improve if we want to make the play-offs, and at the moment I cannot see us beating one (let alone two) of the top 5 sides were we to make it into the play-offs.

Watched the AL and Paul Reed interview last night. Had to laugh when AL stated the side 'were in good shape' as his camera symbolically keeled over!

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CC also amused at AL's delusional statement. Makes one wonder if he really means it or just another sign of the level of his judgement. But I did say in 2017* what to expect and got nearly lynch for it..... but that's all water under bridge. This now the reality!!!!

For me he has driven out to many good young plays from the club by putting them on the bench.

A couple which comes to mind is Mickey Purcell, one of the only two players who remained loyal to the club following the  mass Exodus.

However, I hope MP sent him a letter thanking him for helping him get his FA Trophy medal. But then perhaps the irony would be wasted.  

Another is Ray Charles who now has a 2yr contract with a National league side. I wonder who will be next.......Croker????? After all he scored a brace and then was left out.

PS. * Please no disloyal comments as I had them all 5 years ago. After all it's only an opinion.

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Thanks CC for your very polite admonishment.  Please excuse me for my pickled head but I had just returned from hospital after some treatment and I think I am still a bit sleepy. I have also just turned the mid 80's mark and names seem to be the hardest for me to remember. Which accounts for my "Croker". Probably thinking about myself again.

However there was some logic in my thinking regarding the other two names which is of course music.... "Piano and Cathedral Organ "   your ref. to Ray Charles being one and the other "The Trumpet Voluntary" originally attributed to "Henry Purcell". 

I know this is really not football chat but a bit more useless information from me. Promise to stick to the purpose of the Forum next time.😇

By the way Happy New Year to you and to all other members..

Haven't checked spelling as I'm off to have a nap so take it as it is.

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