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Just seen today's result

Mr Happy

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First game today for me so can't comment on others.

Set up as a 3 5 2....Rian, Rian and Dequane on the left

Midfield of Lewis and Bilal wide, Scott S, Sam and Lyle in the middle and Adam and Jake up front.

Potters Bar started quite well, and in wide areas caused us alot of difficulty.   Think we'd all agree Lewis and Bilal are better going forwards.   First half was open with both teams creating chances, PB looking dangerous on the break and a few tackles flying in with the referee struggling to keep control.   The melee in front of our dug out wasn't pretty and not sure any of the officials had a clue what was going on, apart from their 8 getting away with being very physical.

Lyle's free kick was pushed on to the post and in by the goalkeeper...he was beaten anyway.  Unfortunately we didn't hold the lead long at all and their midfielder ran past our midfield to fire past Nathan.  In midfield there were times when it was too easy to break us down and too much space available.   Neither gk had a great deal to do though, as defences seemed to be on top and final ball was lacking by both teams.

2nd half we had plenty of possession but didn't create much.   Adam headed wide with probably our best chance and with better communication Lewis could have passed the ball in when it was taken away by Adam before he could shoot.    Their goal was harsh...cannot remember who tried to clear it but fell straight to their 7 whose shot was deflected off Scott and wrong footed Nathan who could do nothing.    

I know we have a few new players this season.....Scott, Rhian and Dequane starting.    However, despite the possession we didn't create anything clear cut and we don't seem to keep possession long enough.   Something that has troubled us for a long time is when we lose the ball.....we are soo easy to break down and the gaps are too big without a solid midfield retaining possession.

MOM today was Sam by some distance I think, battled hard all game, used the ball well and tried to link up with others.  He was gutted once we'd conceded.

We had a few good crosses in the box but nothing worse than seeing crosses and corners either sail behind or straight into their 6ft plus keeper.

Not sure if Rian is a RB but think Rian in the middle was our best CB and at left and right back their wide players caused us lots of trouble.


We'll probably play worse this season and win.   

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Thanks for your observations DJW.

But another last minute goal is becoming a joke, but not very funny!!!  But that this has been discussed ad infinitum and still nothing not seems to be done to address this properly.

Looking at the squad list it  appear to be top heavy in defenders 10, midfielders 11,  but very light on forwards 5.  There appears to be very strong imbalance in AL's choices.

From what I have read we still need another striker with pace.  I still do not think Adam is the right foil for Jake Cass. Perhaps losing 1 of the defender and midfielders would leave room for a new striker. 

At the moment I am feeling very apprehensive about next Saturday. I do hope someone can sort things out and get the team going.

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Having watched 3 out of 5 league games this season and knowing it is early stages Andy doesn’t seem to have found a settled line up as yet and most of the performances I have seen in my view have been very underwhelming we never seem to play as a team and more as individuals thrown together we are just a mid table team at the moment but I really hope we can turn things around, last season we had mo who carried the team with his goals if jake gets injured whose going to score? We can’t keep relying on lyles free kicks I do think another striker to support jake should be a priority 

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If you can see it and I can see it Reb. Then why cant can't the managing staff??  Goals are what count. If you can't find another striker then try one of the midfielders until you do. You have to keep as many as you can of the opposition in their last third. 

why do we say " attack is the best form of defence"  Of course you do need a coaching staff who know how to organise it. I am not sure we have one. We have quite a good squad but they expect leadership.

Lose next week and then some serious decisions will have to made. 

I say this as someone who has again renewed his Season Ticket in support of the Club with little expectancy of being able to use it.

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Very disappointing result, albeit against a side flying high in the league... but we can't keep using the excuse that we're playing opponents higher up the table than we are, as most sides are at the moment :) Yet another late goal, and even though it sounds like we competed well and were unlucky, it still seems to keep happening. That said, I'm very much sticking to my view that we should judge things after 10 games, and no sooner - and although from what I've read we've not been setting the world alight with our performances, we also aren't being completely outplayed, and things could have turned out differently with a little more luck.

Look forward to getting along to a game soon so I can share my views.

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