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Today's game

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What a result! The referee did us no favours even if their player had to go. Is it my imagination or was the ref the worst that has been here. i know it is good to let the game flow but i never heard the ref whistle once for a bad tackle. Mckimm's sending off was diabolical. What did he do to go?! I thought the game was all over by half time, some say it was over before it had begun, but then we are a team of two halfs. What on earth is put in their tea at half time? Andy's line up had to be seen to be believed. Playing Abbey Evans and Pinnock together really forced us to keep that ball being played to feet, and i have still no clue as to which of them should be first choice. The opposition were falling over at the slightest touch and the penalty was given just to get evens. Moore was a giant again, on another planet in a different league. i didn't get to see much of the new signing but perhaps others can give their view? He sounded ok from what radio kent said, but we do need a proven quality player. Perhaps that is why the drummer kept quiet? I wasn't impressed with the atttendance either. If that is all that turns up we can forget going full time. Drury's head never fell though, and Skinner wasn't sent off so some good happened today. Wilkerson and Walshe were surprise starts in that they played and I think Andy should have brought Perkins on to replace Walshe when his limp got so bad he used the corner flag for a crutch, but by then he'd used all his subs. I know some said the game should have been called off, but i thought both sides didn't do badly. A shame this result doesn't put us higher up in the league and if our opponents don't get their ground fixed for the return fixture I am not sure on todays result whether I want them to thrown out of the league. How many points have the others round us had against them? Maybe some statician out there can enlighten me?

What I do know is I can't wait for the next game when we really will show what we can do. You know I don't think we ever really turned up for the game today, but then neither did they. Well i suppose that is football. You can't have them perform every week. It ain't half frustrating at times. No wonder Andy's losing his hair.

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Well I am 100% with "new to the game" on this one, We just weren't there at all in the second half.

It's all very well saying that the crowd did not get behind the team but if there's nothing to cheer then the crowd are entitled to be quiet.

I thought the ref made less mistakes than most that we see and would certainly agree that Chris Moore is head and shoulders above Skinner, Abbey and Pinnock.

Apparantley we are still " making progress in the right direction " but I just didn't see much evidence of that yesterday!

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