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Enfield Town v Hornchurch

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McDonald, Renee, Payne, Dayton, Knight, Richmond, Taaffe, Youngs, Coker, Cass, Cunnington

Wyllie, Kamara, Della-Verde, Okotcha, Da Costa

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Decent performance. Battled well. Thought we could have just nicked it second half. Both defences solid on the night.

Ps.. Need to think of a good set piece if oppo retreat back to goal line when Della-Verde is taking free kick. Rather than just try the same shot with both posts covered by defenders. Simple for them to just head the ball away.

Overall 8/10 .Keeps us in the fight for top 5.

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As you say CC. it does seem that Cray appear, on paper, to have the easiest run in. But I still feel there will be some surprise changes in league positions, including the top 4 , over the next couple of weeks. Looking at the up and coming fixtures many of those who aspire to make a play off place will be playing one another. As I said recently, this means some of them have to drop points. Keep an eye on Lewis and Hastings as there results may still affect the final outcome.

From our point of view the about comments will only be mere conjecture if we continue to keep our form and belief. I still stand by my thought that 75pts, ie. another nine points, should get us over the line. Hopefully starting with this Saturday Home Game.



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Just watched the goal back from Tuesday, will never understand why we don't try to "play" more.   Adam is always a good option, but we are so much better with the ball on the floor, we just don't do it often enough.    Lovely move straight from the kick off.


Thought we should have won on Tuesday, Hornchurch were there for the taking and even though we played well 2nd half couldn't find that final bit of quality.


Hopefully we can push on today in another tough game.  

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