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Snooker World Championships-Sheffield

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As someone who has always enjoyed a game of snooker and used to be a member for many years of the snooker club in Romford next to the Matchroom club, I have to say I detest watching it nowadays!

Over the last ten years this sport in my opinion has got less and less interesting to watch on the tele.

In the eighties it was massive and exciting with only a minimal amount of top players that everyone knew and admired, if you weren't around then, trust me, it was good stuff, the most exciting final ever being Steve Davis versus Dennis Taylor, ending live at gone midnight, now though, there's a hundred new teenagers on the circuit and I barely recognise any of them.

I'll have a look at the semis and final for an hour or so but much like tennis these days, just not the same.

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I remember that night, truly a night when the whole nation stayed up till past midnight, Steve Davis then lost to Joe (someone)a year or so later, do you know who I mean?


Have to agree with you, I will probably just watch from Quarters onwards, but miss the Semi's live as will be watching football. Try to catch it in the evening.

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mark, it was Joe Johnson from Blackburn, funny looking bloke, always wore very narrow winkle picklers with a white strip on them if I remember correctly.

He was an outsider when he first one the title and then won it the next year too, I think Barry Hearn then signed him up.



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Personally, the decline of "interest" was more due to Stephen Hendry's period of dominance. He had no personality,and they said Steve Davis was boring!!!


Davis was like a breath of fresh air at the time, in terms of technical ability. Unfortunately, that level of technique is more common across the board amongst the "new breed" of player.


Perhaps it's time to introduce a new dimension to the sport, such as exploding snooker balls!!! <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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Lost interest after Alex (Hurricane) Higgins faded into obscurity !

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