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God, It's Getting Borrrrrring.....

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The German Ice man wins YET AGAIN in San Marino !


For one minute, I thought I was watching a video of an old race !


At least Jenson Button got 2nd ! H-O-O-R-A-Y !!!

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You should have watched the British Suoerbikes on the other side,passing and crashing all the way far,far more entertaing.

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....And yet again in Barcelona.


Strange tactics. "No team Orders", says Ferrari.


Schumacher slows by nearly five seconds a lap for a couple of laps, and so does Barachello, who's in 2nd place and in with a shout !


Barachello goes into the pits for a routine stop. Surprise, surprise, they've got the wrong tyres ready.


[color:"blue"] To quote Jim from the Royale Family, (aka Ricky Tomlinson),


[color:"red"] "NO TEAM ORDERS, MY ARS*E !!!!) [color:"black"]



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TWO wheels good,FOUR wheels bad!

Try superbikes,motogp,speedway,motorcross anything with just TWO wheels and an engine and you wont go back.

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Italian tanks have FIVE reverse gears and one forward gear..........


(Well - You have to be ready in case you are attacked from the rear !)

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Just to return to the original thread.......


I see that Ford have pulled out of all F1 competition from next season, and that Minardi and Jordan want crisis talks in China during the next G.P.


A couple of the Sunday papers hint that possibly two more F.1 teams will pull out before the next season.


The sport is getting into a crisis situation.


If things continue the way they are going, we could end up with just four teams racing.


Comments on a post-card to.............................

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