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Le Pen, Hook - what's the difference

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Simple, because Le Pen isn't black. Come on man, get with it, white people can't have any say, its only blacks and asians that can talk about race!!! See that hook handed fcuker is starting his appeal today against having his UK Passport removed, bet he wins and in doing so costs us taxpayers millions in legal fees and compensation!!

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It is because he as a citizen of a European Union country has the freedom to travel between member countries. Does anybody else think it is pretty funny that the BRITISH National Party has got a FRENCH nationalist over to support them? Hypocritical?

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[color:"blue"] Trouble nowadays with Big Tone Bliar's Government is, that they are totally out of touch with what the people of this country really think !


That Lord Chief Justice Woolf is summat else as well !


What a w*anker ! How he ever became a judge is beyond me !


Bring back the West Midlands Crime Squad, I say !


If you can't get a conviction, then fit 'em up !


Watcha' reckon, Unc ??????????????? [color:"black"]


<img src="/images/graemlins/diskussion.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/spank.gif" alt="" />

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Farcical situation. Blunkett states that he would have no hesitation in deporting Le Pen if he incites racial hatred but does [***!!***] all about Hook and the other Muslim fanatics glorifying terrorism and burning British flags. crazy.gif


So what he's saying is that it's okay for a foreigner to come to Britain and preach about attacking and killing British people as well as burning our flag, but it's unacceptable for a foreigner to come to the UK and make a speech about how we should be more vigilant about immigration and asylum. You couldn't make it up. You got to wonder what planet Blunkett and the rest of the government are living on sometimes.icon_rolleyes.gif


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its not just blunkett who can't see is it...the whole fckin lot of 'em are blind as bats.....


its all fckn madness and don't say I didn't warn you all two years ago.....cos I fckn saw it all coming....


and its getting worse....stealth taxes by the day creeping out of obscure budget implementations...


political correctness imprisoning us in our own country and inside our own society....our borders uncontrolled and lawless....guns and albanian gangsters controlling half of london and spreading beyond....one rule for outsiders to do as they like and prison for us if we stand up agaiant it all...THINK ABOUT IT GUYS...


YES....white papers being forced through parliment with no lords to police them......that no fcker spotted when announced...this lot in downing street are a bunch of criminals as bad as Saddams grisly bunch of gangsters...who's gonna topple this lot then.....


as you all know too well...I fckn hate the cowardly two faced frogs with avengence but Le Penn speaks sense about immigration policies.....


blunketts a tossa and he wants arresting and sending to st fckn dunstans where the blind lead the blind and the one eyed fckin labrador rules supreme.....


in fact they all should be incacerated down there....I'd take Le Penn anyday before these fckn 'alice in wonderland' morons that we've been saddled with....mad hatters fckn tea party.....


well...should I say....


you've been saddled with cos I didn't fckn vote for any of 'em.....


how the fck can a blind man be involved in running our country....answer me that please...


if this lot aint removed this country has had it...and the more of these scumbags that get in here the less chance of getting rid of bliar...cos they all sign up to vote for him as payment for being allowed in and getting a 100 grand off the DHS ...our money to by our fckin houses....




don't start me off.... <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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Because if we did we would be stooping to their level....


The obvious solution: Bring back celebrity deathmatch - Hamza vs Le Pen - the battle of the extremists. Hamza would obviously have the advantage of the built in hook weapon, however being short of an eye would hinder his aim. Le Pen, however, though short on hooks is a handy fighter - he lost his seat in the European parliment when he clobbered an opponent.

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Well, I suppose I did ask yer, UNC !


Have to say, I agree !


Saw 'The Hook' on TV tonight, lording it outside his 'Mosque'


God ! - He makes me mad !

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I'm with you Mr. Happy, we've got enough gangsters, murderers, yardies etc over here. A nod and a wink for the powers that be should suffice in getting Leroy round to that mosque of his, shooter in hand and blowing his brains out all over his terrorist mates!!!!

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did you see the fat scumbag holding court with all those fckin minders dressed up as yasser arafat with those PLO head scarves on.....


they even showed the cross of st george being burned again.....


fair credit to the reporter who tried to instigate a response....fckn trevor macdonut thought it was all funny...


its too surreal to take in ..... <img src="/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

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Look Im mad now


errrrrrr gahhhhhhh b&llocks, f8ck, c88ts.


If I stood outside a C of E Church and encourged death to all non believers, I would be arrested.


Hook does the same outside his Mosque for his religion and nothing is done.


Is that or is that not Racism against me!

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