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Magic Roundabout.

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I thinkthe Blue Cat was an audio adventure.


Have you seen the cast list for this?

Tom Baker .... ZeBadDee (voice)

Jim Broadbent .... Brian (voice)

Lee Evans .... (voice)

Joanna Lumley .... Ermintrude (voice)

Ian McKellen .... Zebedee (voice)

Kylie Minogue .... Florence (voice)

Bill Nighy .... Dylan (voice)

Robbie Williams .... Dougal (voice)

Ray Winstone .... Soldier Sam (voice)


(Taken from imdb.com)

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I've seen the trailer for the film and all i can say is what a load of [censored].


Mind you i am too young for the orginals (and the reruns!) and too old to enjoy this version of it!

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Dylan had to be the original 'pot-smoking' hippy !


Surely, ''Magic Roundabout' was originally in French, then changed to English by Eric Thompson ??

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Badger- you're not imagining it- there is a Magic Roundabout film and I think it's called Dougal & the Blue Cat. My younger bruv has it on video so next time I'm there I'll find out what it's called. The blue cat is called Buxton BTW, and the film contains all the original voices and characters, and some great lines.

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