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Webbo MFI

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Due to a number of complaints to the football club this board will be moving away from the St Albans City forum.


The new "EFM General chat" or whatever you want to call it forum will still be available on Non-League UK


The St Albans forums will continue but will be for football related chat only


Unfortunately this is the only way forward at the moment.

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Smacks of 'Censorship' to me !


So much for free speech in a democracy !


I blame Tony Bliar !

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What did people worry about before the internet ?

[color:"blue"] Double Glazing salesmen ????? [color:"black"]

<img src="/forum/images/graemlins/whistling.gif" alt="" />
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Hi Webbo, you lap-dog.


Just a couple of points so that I am clear, old chap.


a]. "This board will be moving away from the St Albans City forum".


What does that mean, exactly? At present there is a link thingy from Rob's Official web-site which brings the clicker to this forum. Is that link to be de-thingied?


b]. What is the "St Albans City forum" to which you refer? I assume that the St Albans City 'Football forum' and the St Albans City 'General forum' are owned by that David Holden and that Ian W chap. Am I wrong?


c]. You say that there have been "a number of complaints to the football club". Hmmnnnn. "To the football club" eh? How many exactly? Roughly? Concerning what? Who has made these complaints?


Looking forward to the favour of your early response, I remain Sir, yours faithfully,



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Good points, AFF! I would like to know what the complaints are about. I'm not interested in who made them, just what the subject matter was that has caused offence. Looking through recent posts I can't see anything too controversial.


Also, AFF, I heard an interesting story about a former (sucessful) manager that explains why he was sacked. I'm still researching some of the finer details but am hoping to have something for you on Saturday.

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We will have to disagree for once HKS, bella.


I am appalled to hear that The Mighty Saints have been inundated with complaints from thousands of concerned persons regarding the content of this General Forum. Just think of the damage that has clearly been done to the good name of the Football Club. If even 50 people are put off [sic] from coming to Clarence Park as a result, that is worth over £12,000 a year to the club, I believe.


No wonder we are just above the relegation zone of the League when t'lads are constantly bombarded with whatever it is they are bombarded with on here. How can we expect them to mount a successful championship challenge against that backdrop?


And what about the Administrative & Operational Divisions of the Club? Don't you think that they have better things to do than answer mountains of correspondence and E-mail thingies all day long, not to mention the personal callers to t'Park and the jamming of the telephone switchboard from all these complainant people?


No HKS. Whatever it is, it must be huge if Webbo has been forced to "move this board away from the St Albans City forum" [whatever that means - see above post from me.]


I can't wait to have a response from Webbo to those simple couple of questions what I asked him.


I bet he's been dealing with a couple of thousand complaints this afternoon. Otherwise he would have replied by now.


I'm not a regular on here as you know. I've never heard of most of the bands that are mentioned. I'm more of a Libertines man, personally. And I'm not that keen on tennis, either. I blame Rob the Saint for all of this stuff.

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here is one of the 15000 I get a day...


"it has been broght to my attention that your message board is still

harbouring "people" for what of a better word, with racist rightwing views

in light of the Atkinson affair , certain memebrs came out in support of

his racist remarks

and know in light of Harry wearing a swastika are supporting his right to

do that as a bit of harmless fun

Know i dont about your grandad but i know mine and countless others

defended his country against these vile human beings


As a season ticket holder i find the views being aired on a board that is

asscoiated with the club i support abhorant


I look forward to hearing your views on this matter"

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err no


and anyway tou were quite happy with just one board to discuss the "mighty saints"


remember those good old days?


well I think one is enough - if people want to discuss what they are doing tonight or the state of the nation then they shoul;d use "The Pub" forum on Non League UI

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Are you feeling quite well, Webbo?


Is that the only one? Shouldn't take too long to identify the person concerned. We don't have that many season-ticket holders and one with that level of literacy should be fairly quickly spotted by the saliva running from the corner of his or her half-open mouth.


The person concerned is misguided, too.


He/she should be writing to that nice Mr King at Canvey or that chap what owns Chesham. The high moral stand was taken on each of those issues by one of our season-ticket holders.


Webbo. You can't be serious. Please.

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E-mails from the club every month or so?

12 months, the so part suggests that it's not every month, that's 10 e-mail a year!


That's obviously where the club get the idea that EFM are racist!


To be honest you do have a disclamier on the board saying the views aren't respresented by the club blah blah blah!


Maybe you should return the e-mail thanking his grandfather for the free speech that he is now trying to take away from us. There may be some Tories on this board but we are no way right wing racists.

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