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Best Ryman premier grounds

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Dover is the top of my list .I would have put kingstonian top until my former friends at A F C W took a shine to it. worthing also quite nice & tidy. went to yeading last weekend and although tidy was a tad disappointed there but some of the F A cup money might spruce it up a bit. Salisbury also worth a visit. yet to visit Folkstone Tonbridge Eastleigh & northwood but im told are worth an excursion .

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forgot aboout tonbridge on my other post, dump


AFC SOUTH LONDON FAKE have a good ground but ast like everything else they nicked it .


Kingstonian have the best ground in the Pyman Premier.


Sailsbury only has a sid and one end dont really count that

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Where ever we go I always try to not cover any adverts with my flag as this is one of the ways all clubs make some money and if I was paying for adverts I would be unhappy to see my company name being hidden.

To me thats just a bit of common sense.

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No ads at your ground,less money coming in,less to pay out on the ground and team,the ground decays the team go down and your not happy because people dont use a bit of sense but I suppose you dont care when it happens at someone elses ground.

All I said in the first place was to use a bit of common sense not to stop flying flags.at Dover there is obviously an alternative as Mark found.

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