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Mr lge chairman

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Get real, you'll be asking the FA next whats happening at Soho Square......

Not a lot now that all of the 'Secretary Sha*gers' have been sacked !!!

<img src="/forum/images/graemlins/whistling.gif" alt="" />
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Is your Christian name THOMAS, by any chance, Boroman ?


(Actually, I DOUBT that it is !)

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I agree. LC has been off these forums for some time now, probably due to silly questions being asked of him previously. If we want him to take part here then specific qs should not be asked.

Can you be more specific about which specific questions we specifically cant ask or am I being too specific in this specific line of questioning?
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You are more than welcome to ask questions and I am perfectly happy to talk about, especially of a quiz nature, on anything about the National Game or the History of the ESL, failing that, anything on steam engines or Speedway, Choral Music, old I-Spy books, Cricket Annuals 1937-Date.... ( Surely I am being fair here ). Results for games played will continue to be publicised as much as possible and I make no excuse for my enthusiasm on clubs winning in Outside Competitions - always have done and always will !

I came back to the Forum when that ghastly character Anonymous and all his or her mates were expelled so look forward to " chatting" with you.


If you have any " specific " question pertaining to your own or a particular club then just have a word with your Secretary and they can contact me in the right and proper way. As the majority of our Clubs do NOT participate in this Forum, I could not entertain any other way of corresponding in fairness to all. Having said that, important information will be relayed on this forum, whcih, I am sure, you will appreciate is un-official, once ALL clubs have heard about it first.


Good luck to everyone for the rest of the season - it could be a real cracker of a Championship !

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