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Seems as if we are doing to you what we did to Kingstonian the last couple of seasons and nicking all your best players! Strange how the table have turned in the last few years or so as we have always been the poor relations to Isthmian sides and now its us setting the standards.


I don't blame you for hating us, we used to hate you at one time for exactly the same reasons but thats life I suppose!

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All our best players? The only one I'll miss, presuming he signs, will be Saulsbury. Michael Murphy can (and will) be replaced by someone of equal ability and less moaning, Allaway was ousted by Parkin anyway and I was never a fan of Spencer, so I don't really see the loss?

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Staines setting the standards? In what, precisely? How to build half a football ground or one third of a stand? How to develop the largest percentage of chavs in their home attendance? How to demonstrate the lowest away following to home fan ratio in non-league football? How to attract unwanted players from other clubs and pretend it's a big coup?


Still, at least there was a trophy won at Wheatsheaf Lane last season. Shame it was ours, though.

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Staines is a move up in anyones eyes.


1, Got a ground, 2 Got some money behind them. 3 Bringing in some good players. 4 Got a great pitch. 5 Got one of the best grounds at this level.


As much as i hate to admit it Staines are a move up from the likes of Windsor and Slough (and even maidenhead)

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