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Waltham Forest


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We're playing at Waltham Forest tonight.


For previous away Pre-season friendlies people have posted the team and latest score news, during the game.


Has anyone recieved any news from someone at the ground?


Second question has Manny signed yet?

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chilled out entertainer said:
we are losing to waltham forest 3-0, please telll me you got that wron, or i have got that wrong, or the ref has got it wrong. daish out.

Nice to see your humour is as witty and varied as ever.
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Two more friendlies before the 'real' games start and we are still putting out a team made up of many trialists.


By now surely, with all the contacts that Daish is supposed to have, we should be looking to put out as near to a settled side as possible. If for no other reason then to give what could be the first choice team a chance to gel.


It is beginning to look like the first few league games, as I predicted would happen, will have to be treated as almost pre-season games with the managerial team still looking to find what will be their first choice XI.

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Matt (GNFC) said:
Says he was expected to sign for St Mirren but didnt because he was unfit.

Daish was quoted recently on BBC Ceefax that the Fleet would be one of the fittest sides in the Conference this season.

Sadly its beginning to look like they will need to be as it looks like they will be chasing shadows for most of the season!
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David Holden said:
There was also a Frenchman called Armand One a 22 year old 6'4" striker who played in the first half.

He was playing in Scotland last season, but has also played for Nantes, Cambridge Utd and Northampton.

It's Ok quoting players who have League and International experience David, so what are they doing trialing for non-league football. Most are average journeymen looking for a crust. If they were any good, they wouldn't be here, would they?

Maybe we be looking for hungry youngsters
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