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Hornchurch 3 Gravesend 1


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Tuesday 25th April 2006 – Capital League


HFC – Rhys Madden © – Tony Vincent – Ket Koka-Makitu - Steve Mensah – Steve Baldwin – Stuart Roberts - Ayo Adetayo – Lee Springer - Ainsley Casper – John Hefford –Danny Gill

Subs – Steve Green for Tony Vincent 79 - Darren Brewer for Ayo Adetayo at half time – Danny O’Connor for John Hefford 73


G&N – Ray Marshall – Jason Watson – Theo Kennedy – Andy Willis – Aaron Phinbow – Sam Groombridge © - Dan Stubbs – Lee Maskell – Luke Coleman – Mike McKenna – Jack Roberts

Subs – Dan Bowles – Chris Eather – Tommy Whitnell for Willis at half time.


Scorers – Lee Springer 30 – Stuart Roberts 40 – Danny Gill 41

Match duration – 48.28 + 47.50

Match officials – Dave Axcell with Len Wilcox and Paul Faithfull

Weather – 10 degrees – cloudy.


Hornchurch continued their incredible run of wins in the Capital League with a convincing win over champions Gravesend, who fielded a very strong team and for a time looked as though they would end the Urchins’ unbeaten run with goals to spare. Ket Makitu, Tony Vincent and Steve Mensah were all called upon early on to break up some dangerous Fleet attacks, and Coleman went close with a hard drive across the goal which went narrowly wide. Urchins continued to string some good moves together and were close to opening the score when a Hefford free kick was deflected around the post for a corner, which Adetayo played into the middle and Tony Vincent hooked the ball inches over the bar.


Urchins began to get on top, and the match could have changed drastically when Marshall raced out of goal to save, his follow through leaving Casper needing lengthy attention. It appeared to be a straight red card offence, and the referee raced over to the scene, arriving some ten seconds later, but took no action other than to award a free kick on the edge of the area. Hefford took the free kick, the ball rebounding from the wall, and LEE SPRINGER followed up to hammer the ball home.


The referee then had to sort out an incident in mid field, with Ayo Adetayo being pushed and shoved by three Fleet players. No action was taken, but justice was done when the excitable visitors conceded two goal inside 38 seconds. And what spectacular goals they were. Two hard volleys in quick succession, the first from STUART ROBERTS, from the edge of the area, and the second from DANNY GILL, in a similar position but further out to the left, and the champions were on their way to only their second defeat of the season. With Springer and Casper both going close soon afterwards, Urchins looked rampant.


This changed during a prolonged half time, and Adetayo did not appear after the interval, following an incident near the changing rooms. Fleet also made a substitution with Willis being replaced by Whitnell. A clearly fired up Fleet stormed upfield, and Darren Brewer cleared well. But two minutes into the second half, Madden dived to push away a hard shot, when perhaps he could have let the ball go out of play, and DAN STUBBS followed up to turn the ball into the net, the goal sparking scenes worthy of a cup final winning goal. Back came Urchins, Brewer up to Gill whose first time shot skimmed the post, and a Ket pass to Springer almost brought a break through, until Phinbow tackled. Fleet continued to press and Madden had plenty to do, though he could do nothing with a vicious shot from McKenna which cannoned back off the bar. A free kick by Maskell was held just under the bar, and Madden made two more excellent saves, from McKenna and Stubbs, before Urchins were able to stem the onslaught, and they replied in spectacular fashion, a long upfield punt by Madden falling invitingly in front of Springer, who neatly chipped the keeper only for the ball to land on the roof of the net. Casper almost drifted behind the defence, and then a great through pass by Gill gave Casper a run at goal, with Marshall racing out to kick clear. Towards the end, Steve Green and Danny O’Connor were given their Capital League debuts, both being members of the Urchins youth team, and it is to their credit that Fleet’s threat was controlled and Urchins ran out worthy winners, in what is arguably their best victory in the Capital League.

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dagger04 said:
with a convincing win over champions Gravesend, who fielded a very strong team

Despite the fact the first team was playing up at Halifax? <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
Just thought I'd mention it, as normally our reserve side consists of a lot of 1st team players & not one of last night's reserve side is registered for our 1st team squad.
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Unless you can name 1 of that side who has played conference football this season? <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />


(Although recent performances might suggest not many of our first team are actually playing conference standard football either. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> )


You actually appear to have stuffed our youth team. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />

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i don't think any of our side have played esl football this season,maybe 1 or 2

didn't watch the game apart from a few minutes here and there but that is a poor excuse,you are a conference club with supposedly conference facilities,is your bar still shut on capital league games and do you make the opposition sandwiches???

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FleetFanatic said:
You actually appear to have stuffed our youth team. <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" />

whoever we stuffed it stopped them winning the capital league last night..... <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

they were not best pleased I can tell you.... <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/applaus.gif" alt="" />
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smallsy said:
eat sh*t fleet fanatic

Chopper said:
Fleet mate you digging a bigger hole evey post you make and your talking bo**ocks.

And before Neanderthal man were the Hornchurch blokes.
Still West Ham in the Cup Final <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/applaus.gif" alt="" /> is enough for me to forget your petty name calling.

Can't wait to go to Cardiff!

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