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Adam Wallace


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Today's Slough Observer reports that we have agreed a deal with striker Adam Wallace, who scored 14 goals for Windsor & Eton last season. It doesn't carry much news on Jarvis, just that he had been training with us. Eddie Denton also says that he is hopeful of signing a striker from the Football League, and that we are looking at Windsor keeper Keiron Drake as a possible signing.

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Doesn't really say too much that wasn't already suspected. Drake on form is a quality keeper and has been good in the past for banter. I'm less convinced about Wallace though. Some of the Salisbury mob were not too unhappy when he left them and although he scored some goals in a struggling team last year he's never looked all that good when I've seen him play.


However, new blood into the club, lets see how he gets on. In the last few seasons we've been spoiled by the hard working and striking ability of Ian Hodges. Wallace has some deep shoes to fill so lets see how he gets on.

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The Express says we've already got a squad agreed with four strikers, six midfielders, six defenders and a keeper with one or two more to follow. Quite how they've done this when the 'Ryman forms are not available' I'm not sure, but at least we're assembling a squad.


Both papers dodged the Jarvis 'incident' and instead focused on putting him forward in a positive light.

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I suppose the papers don't want to fall out with the club but even so, they've not be shy of quoting the forum in the past.


So then a squad with those numbers could resemble the following


GK - Keiron Drake (?)


DF - Steve Daly, Jamie Jarvis, Rav Braich, Marc Leach, Jamie Jarvis, Ian Lovegrove (?)


MF - Michael Alexis, Leigh Mason, Matt Glyn (?), George Moleski, Leon Woodruffe, Wilko (player/coach)


FW - G McCleary, Adam Wallace (?), Daryl Harris (?), Odihambio (?)


Anybody I've missed? Guess we'll have a better idea on Saturday

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No, the club are keeping things close to their chest and only naming players who have had their names linked with Slough so far. Hopefully we should learn more tomorrow.


I’d guess these would be part of tomorrow’s squad:



Drake (?)



Mark Leech

Steve Daly

Leon Woodruffe

Iain Duncan

Jamie Jarvis

Rav Braich (?)

Ian Lovegrove




George Moleski

Michael Alexis

Leigh Mason

Matt Glynn

Darron Wilkinson (?)



Adam Wallace

Gareth McCleary

Mark West (?)

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Gary-STFC said:
Quite how they've done this when the 'Ryman forms are not available' I'm not sure, but at least we're assembling a squad.

Gary, forms have been available for weeks since the AGM and they have been on the Isthmian site for ages.
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Hi Slough fans


Just having a look through the forums to see if Wallace did sign for you......I'm presuming he did. Doesn't surprise me he left Windsor - after all the clubs he has been at in the past 2 season have been bottom their divisions or relegagted when he left (Salisbury were bottom of the isthmian and Windsor got relegated of course) - hope he's not a bad omen for you <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />


Well, Adam is a genuine 30 goals a season candidate if he gets the service, isn't left up front on his own and doesn't get to thinking that he is the best thing since sliced bread in the dressing room. He left us because of travelling and his job, but also because he wanted to play football at a higher level. Went to Basingstoke and they didn't want him (as they had roach and co at the time) so he ended up at Windsor......We go up a division and Windsor go down. So yet again he backed the wrong horse.


Hope you have a great season.....come and join us in the Conference South next year..be good to go to stag meadow again - we did miss it last year (although the reserves came over to you).


PS. still looking after haddow!!! What a class act

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Glad it has worked out for Al with you guys after the Eastleigh debacle. I think Wallace was left up front alone a lot for Windsor and must have been playing pretty well to get 14 goals in that side. Had his best game so far on Saturday and seems to have "signed." Fingers crossed and good luck for your season.

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Adam Wallace is a class act, and the Salisbury supporter, like all fans, has no idea what happens in the dressing rooms.

Adam has scored goals at all the clubs he played for which really is the best testimonial any striker needs, Nick Holmes (Salisbury manager) would take him back at anytime if Adams work commitments allowed it.

No player can do it on his own, all strikers need good supply

If Slough can supply Adam then look forward to a good season and promotion

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