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Updated remaining games

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well we can say goodbye to stevenage and aldershot in the chase for the playoffs, Oxford and Morecambe are i think near enough there.


So it's us, exeter, york and burton for the final places. Burton can't see them doing it. York have hit a bad patch so i think we could have there place if we play to our best.


GNFC: Southport (H), Northwich (H), St Albans (H), Dagenham


Oxford: St Albans, Stafford (H), York


Morecambe: Weymouth, Kidderminster, Grays (H)


York: Rushden (H), Southport, Stafford, Oxford (H)


Burton: Grays (H), Halifax (H), Northwich, Rushden (H)


Exeter: Cambridge (H), Stevenage, Southport (H)





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Having said that, theirs isn't too difficult. Rushden, Southport and Stafford are certainly all winable. Burton can certainly pick up four wins from their remaining games, with three relatively easy home games, rather like us. Aside from winning all our games, we can really do with Stevenage beating Exeter and for bottom-half teams to shine against our rivals, but not against us!


A win for us on Saturday and the season just gets more and more intriguing.

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I think its going to be all down to the Dagenham game, we cant afford another home performance like the Stafford or Kidderminster ones. Another game like last year would be great scoring twice late on to snatch a win, especially if its in front of hoards of our fans !

We are all looking for Stevenage to beat Exeter, just hope their mind is not on the Trophy final, whatever happens it will be a great final day.

Anyone fancy a second leg play off trip to Morecambe !!!!!

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From what I've been told I beleive the Play offs are on a Friday and then the following Monday. So I would presume an evening unless it's the May Day (not sure it'd be so soon after the season's over though - I'll just go and check...!).

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Friday 4 May


Nationwide Conference - Play-Off

Semi-Finals 1st Legs-5 v 2 & 4 v 3 (KO 8.00pm)

(One match to be selected as "live" on Sky Sports)



Monday 7 May


Nationwide Conference- Play-Off

Semi-Finals 2nd Leg- 2 v 5 or 3 v 4 (KO 5.00pm)

(One match to be selected as "live" on Sky Sports)



Sunday 20 May


Nationwide Conference Promotion Final

at Wembley Stadium - Kick-Off 2pm


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Originally Posted By: Harry J Allstars
Rushden have fallen apart recently though, I think York will win 3-0.

Not bad. They won 3-1. Exeter are the ones to slip up though. One draw or better still a defeat when we win & suddenly that trip to Dagenham looks like a real nail biter. Now what would really help would be if we could run up a couple of 3 or 4 goal wins from the remaining home games.

Fanciful maybe, but as has been said so many times recently, who'd have thought we'd be where we are now this time last season? (Or, in the circumstances, how disinterested Mr Lardarse of Gravesend would still be?)

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