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Ryman Division 1 North Select X1

Bionic II

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It's that time of year again, just like ESL last season.

I have put together a RD1N Select X1 in 4 4 2 format for yous that like all that, based on performances against us.

Excepting all AFCHX players of course.


Jerome John ETFC


Brett Girling AFC Sudbury

Luke Hammond AFC Sudbury

Ollie Blackwell Maldon

Guy Helman Wingate and F


Leon Lalite Harlow

Nicky Smith AFC Sudbury

Ryan Edgar Canvey Isl.

Leon Osei Wingate and F


Dean Williams Wingate and F

Marc Salmon Harlow






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he is not ryman 1 north and should there be a game i doubt if ipswich would let him go

also if the hornchurch players were allowed in i would of thought the following would be ahead of other players in those positions

dale brightly,danny glozier,jim mcfarlen,mark janney,kris lee

and probably a couple of others in the squad

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Nice to see 3 of our players in there but would have thought David Head would have featured possibly ahead of Brett Girling although Brett never lets us down.


Badger (Smith) will be pleased you still rate him at his age!


Good luck today, we will certainly have our hands full!

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