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This afternoon.

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Not only hoping for a bumper crowd this after afternoon, but according to the Beeb, LD has virtually a full strength side from which to choose.

Having banged on about the benefit of 4-4-2 (which has worked), lets hope we go for it today by going 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 if after a hour we aren't breaking them down.

Start off with


Hawkins MacCarthy J Smith Opinel

Long Quinn DeBolla Keeling

MacDonald Sodje


changing to:



Hawkins MaCarthy Opinel

Ledgister Long DeBolla Keeling

Sodje Eribenne MacDonald


if we need to urgently get a goal in the last 20 minutes.



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they obviously wanted it more than us, how many times do we as a club fall at the last hurdle?

As a Fleet supporter of over 40 odd years you'd think i'd be used to it but it's bloody hard to take,I suppose Southport deserve it ,if they fought for it and were more commited, obviously I didn't see the game so not right for me to comment.

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I was there with many others and extremely disapointed at losing and especially to that amount of goals.


A really good gate for us. The gate potential is out there as proved today. It will now take a whole new season to recover that kind of attendance, and only if they play fairly good consistant football. So no more of how can raise attendance figures


Liams doing his level best and must be tearing his hair out, but appears to let down by certain players.


Slasher Opinel, Peter Hawkins and Ross Smith were the only ones out there who was prepared to have a go. Shot stopper was at sixes and sevens, hesitant. He seems to have lost his confidence.


Now we are of playoff contention, I would like to have another look at Motty.


I really felt sorry for Peter Hawkins, he was having to look over his shoulder on numerous occasions to see where our goalkeeper was. I think they exchanged words at one point.


Best player on the park in my opinion got sent off. At least he went off to the applause of the mid section of fans Stonebridge side of the ground. I do hope he stays with us for next season.


No appeasers please. We were rubbish.

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Originally Posted By: The Doctor
I thought he was going to hit the ref or do something, it only took a fleet player stopping him, thought he was going to see a straight red.

And that's why he walked, not because of the fairly innocuous challenge in the box, but because the ref wanted him sent off after he blew his top. The ref was a prat - I'm not blaming him for losing by any stretch - but he was worse than rubbish, he was a disgrace.
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As an inept a performance as I have seen all season at home today and I can appreciate the fat lady is warming up but I dont quite hear her singing just yet.


Exeter have Stevenage(A) and Southport (H)

York have Southport (A) and Oxford (H)


I can see one of those 2 drawing or losing next Saturday so if we can win Thursday and again Saturday then it will be down to results on the final Saturday. Or cant I do sums any more.....


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