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WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Gavin - Congratulations, there's £60 coming your way.

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PS Congratulation to Edgware, they were the best side that I've seen this year!

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Originally Posted By: Maldini66
Originally Posted By: Gavin
What a great night, too tired to post detalis right now, I will tell you all about it tomorrow smile

EDGWARE TOWN CHAMPIONS 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well done Edgware Fc, Now feck off to the ryman north forum Gav biglaugh

There is not a forum for Ryman div 1 north is there?
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Well we won it, I thoguht Chalfont were one of the best sides we had played this season, and can see why they arrived 11 matches unbeaten. We got a penalty in the 1st min, and they equalisied in the 1st min of the second half.


Gavin Hart won the match with a great shot, and we saw out the final minutes of the match.


The celebrations at the end were superb, and the players asked me to go into the dressing room to film them and take pics.


Great night, great season smile Picture+032.jpg Picture+032.jpg

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cheers GAV...well done to you and your mate too...your unwavering support for your team has been well rewarded...think we still need to beat the hares again and hope they drop points...unfortunately it will be without me as i damaged ankle ligaments at harefield on sat and that has pretty much ended my season which is a real sickner with cup games comming up

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