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Semi-Final Posters

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As it's not possible to confirm the semi-final opposition for Town on Tuesday night, I've come up with a match poster to include all three possibilities. If anyone would like a copy, please send me a PM with your email address and I'll send it over.


It's important to get as many posters up to publicise it as possible with less than a week to go. I realise that there is still a mathmatical posibility that Enfield Town could get 2nd place if we stick five by FH and if Harlow lose but that's not really very likely!

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Originally Posted By: lovely stuff
Or if we beat flackwell by 5 goals,Harlow would only have to lose by a single goal for us to finish second.And don't forget they are playing W.Forest who will be fighting for a play-off place themselves.

Agreed. I don't think we are capable to scoring 5 goals against Flackwell Heath. I tell you what I'll put a Lady Godiva behind the bar on presentation night for the players drinks for every goal the team scores on Saturday and if we get second place I'll double it to a Pavarotti per goal! PS Own goals don't count. Correction: Flackwell Own goals do!
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I hope the attitude of the players and/or management is not one of "give up it doesn't matter any more". Yes, it's a long shot but these things happen. Harlow just MIGHT lose by two or three goals: we should be going out to win by as large a margin as possible. Just in case. As far as I recall that is what teams in white shirts wearing the Enfield beast do.

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Originally Posted By: Steph
But we could win by 3-0 and Harlow lose by a similar score.
Neither is impossible just improbable.

The posters are already up in 30+ venues around Enfield Town with more going up in EN3 tonight. I realise that there is an unlikely possibility that I might have to spend the whole of Sunday morning rushing round with Final Posters to replace the semi-final posters if Town end up in 2nd place and receive a bye courtesy of Maldon!

If anyone want a copy copy send me a PM and I’ll email a copy over.
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I hope it's Tuesday as I have another game I want to go to Wednesday!!!

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