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Originally Posted By: urchin_mentalist
Fined 5.5 million pounds by the Premier League but surely if they are that guilty they should of been docked points.Seems alot of money to be fined if you haven't done too much wrong!!

Agreed........... did I really just say that?
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They only got a fine cos they pleaded guilty as a club but blamed the previous administration, e.g. Terry Brown, Paul Aldridge et al.


Otherwise had they pleaded innocent and were found guilty, they were looking at a fine of £9 million plus possible points deduction.


Question is, can they continue playing Tevez and can Liverpool play Mascherano?

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Originally Posted By: Hookey
Completely different scenario to the AFC Dons and unprecedented in "any" league.

Indeed, the situation was different..

West Ham broke the rules on Transfers by signing 2 World Class, World Cup International footballers....in a very shady deal.

AFC Wimbledon signed an out of contract player, but made an admin error in failing to get international clearance from FIFA...

I think AFC have paid dearly for their error.
West Ham's actions were deliberate and they can still play the player(s) concerned....
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Not saying West Ham's was the lesser crime, indeed it was probably worse, I'm just saying that they were not the same crime so could not be judged like for like.


In fact, when they signed, I was the only West Ham fan that came on here and said I was unhappy about it. Boy did I take some stick!!!


I just felt the the equilibrium of the club and the dressing room harmony would be disrupted, and so it proved. That and some under-performing big time Charlies have contributed to a miserable season that will probably still end in relegation.


That said, Tevez is quality and has certainly won the fans, me included, over!!!


As they say, the cream will always rise to the top.

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