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so....the emerald carpet...

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is now safe for another year from the invading phillistines from the north...a new one will be laid on monday and the early summer weather will.. as always.. create the silky surface befitting our multi trophy winners samba skills...


and so summer has finally arrived at the bridge...the invaders have been driven off...the swallows are aswallowing...the blossom is ablossoming...the smell of freshly cut grass is in the air and the rich aroma of premier league expectation wafts through the french windows on the balmy summer breeze..


all is well in urchinville... butterfly

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Originally Posted By: Uncle Urchin
put a nought on the end for under soil heating sidders...

we spend 35k every year on our pitch....that's why its so durable..

Wow, very expensive business keeping a football stadium in top order. shocked Look out for blue and gold lottery tickets. laugh
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