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Redford leaves Hertford for Ware!

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Striker Ryan Redford decided to sign for Ware last night, following a "7 day approach" from the Ryman Div 1 club. The subject of numerous enquiries during the season, Redford has done the equivalent of a Spurs player signing for Arsenal and crossed the A10 to join the old enemy.


He will not be able to play for Ware against us in the Herts Charity Cup Semi Final as he is cup tied, having scored twice in the 6-0 demolition of a side claiming to represent Bishop's Stortford FC .


Ryan will be missed, and can now expect a warm welcome from the fans next time he turns out for Ware against us!

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Well scott is in Vegas at the moment, and cant speak to Cambridge unitl tomo but he aint back till Friday so think he will make his decision once he sees what they have to offer him.


I personnaly think he should go!!!


NF-Glass ankles playing up again, probably out for another couple of weeks.

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Originally Posted By: blues06
Great move for both players!!
both should be playing higher then wat they currently are!!
Hertford must be gutted, losing Ian Cooper and Redford in the space of a week!!

Well, I'm sick as the proverbial parrot! And Ware were cute enough to wait until Ryan had completed his latest (and last for the season) suspension!
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Originally Posted By: blues06
any plans to 7 day any strikers??

I'd have to kill you if I told you that!
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