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Tuesday FA Cup Replay

Peter W.

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Please tell me we are going to get to the next round , as yet we dont know who we would play if we get past Woking.I must admit to preferring a lower league club at home and if it has to be a league club the next round will do. I was listening to Radio Kent and I thought here we go again when we were two down, maybe just, maybe the second half was the turning point of our season and lady luck has moved into Stonebridge road.

We all know that the players have the abilities, maybe after today the belief will be there, as I dont remember many matches where we have come back from being two down.

Fingers crossed for a good result tuesday and a good crowd.

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Originally Posted By: gaspode
I know that my season ticket is not valid for tonight, but does anybody know if my son's Junior Fleet membership will get him in, or will he have to clean the car in order to earn his entrance fee?

He'll have to get out his sponge I'm afraid Gaspode, it's all-pay for everyone for an FA Cup tie.
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Originally Posted By: Harry J Allstars
Blimey, you're a slave driver! I just hope you're treating those men that work under you with the same whip

Nah, they make me money while I sit around all day eating Turkish Delight.

Gaspode Junior is just a financial drain, so I have to make sure I get my money's worth

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