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Well done

Eastside Urchin

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I would not say you were the better side but you got the result and 15 mins from the end i could see it coming.We could not break them down and whatever their league position they score goals.Hers to smashing harrow on saturday,although after them beating staines tonight it will be hard.We can do it lads,just believe!!!

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feels ok.

My only bone of contention is that the only player who seemed to be geeing the team up,or at least the only one i heard was the left back ludovic.

Now i know the players we have in our team,elliot,thommo,purdy,billy,etc etc(and i am not levaing out anyone on purpose) but the only player i heard on the eastside late second half who really seemed to hate losing was the lad from grays,every 2-3 minutes you heard him screaming at the team mates,to have the ball.Maybe,and i think he is,more talented,wanted the ball,done things with it,got down the line,stuck the ball in,looked more likely to get us out of trouble/create things.

I hope i am not being too harsh,he just looked like he wanted it.

Saying that,i thought thommo and elliot played well,and ross took his goal well and also took one in the gob for the urchins

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well it's hard to believe we were cruisin at two nil and then the wheels come off ,to many passes going astray tonite and the defence just seem to disintigrate which up until the second goal they conceded were their for the takin,but hats off to them for a great comeback

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