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Fans Focus - Non League football clubs

Interview with Peter Simpson

Woody SUFC

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http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/nonleague at about 22 mins and then at 34 mins the presenters throw in their 2 pence.


Fair play to Peter for agreeing to it and some very valid points made by the presenters.



( Yes i am awake due to adapting sleep for the cricket!)

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Burnham are thinking of doing the same thing. I don't quite understand why you would want to given that FA Cup entry doesn't permit usage of 3G pitches for games, so potentially you are denying yourself some money.


I had to agree with the presenters though - if you can afford to build them why not pay off the debt. I don't think Peter Simpson came across that well and seemed to dodge most of the questions asked of him.

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I understand your points WR and Tom but I think we are in the situation of having to prove we can sustain football in the future thus have to provide evidence of potential revenue streams. The 3G is potentially a good revenue earner without having the need for a 'sugar daddy' which we don't want anyway. It is a shame if we lose the pitch especially as it is in very good condition (note our game being one of the few on in the south at the weekend), but I guess needs must..........


Good result for Slough at weekend, hope you boys are now back on track.

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The crux of the matter is Kevin will not (and quite rightly so) invest in the club unless it is going to be a going concern. It needs to be cash generative or else we will end up here again in a few years and possibly no-one to help us out.


If Kevin's figures are correct and we get a 3G pitch(es) on the current training pitch area we will be laughing in 2-3 years time. By then the FA and the league may allow 3G pitches to be used in all competitions (I believe the concern is over life of the pitches and if they hold up and are playable for a continued period of time) or possibly something else, maybe a 4G pitch. But if we have the money we could convert the main pitch as well and gain an extra revenue stream.


He has other plans as well and is willing to put his money in to make this happen. I have no doubt he is looking to recoup the money he puts in over time (through profits I would imagine) and if it works I don't think there is anyone who could argue with that.


These are sound plans but only time will tell if they will actually work, but it is good to see someone putting plans in place to take the club forward.


Here's hoping the courts are of the same mind......

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Surely the concern should be though if the Judge looks at the business plan which says "Build x amount of 3G pitches" he will just think the money is there to pay off the debt?


In cases such as this it is as important for the courts that the company is a going concern once it enters into a CVA, as it is that the debt (or a portion of the debt) gets paid off. If the money is only being made available on the basis of the CVA and in no other cirumstance then the money is not available to pay off the debt (the money is coming from a third party so it is not for the court to demand how it is spent, but for the funder to state their case and see if it is acceptable).


I would like to think common sense will prevail as putting the club under benefits no-one. We got into a very nasty mess and this is the only realistic way out if teh football club is to survive, lets hope the court is sympathetic to our cause....

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I really hope all goes well tomorrow. With any luck, the amounts pledged should go some way to paying off the debt and then the club can enter into a CVA and pay off its debts over an extended period. It won't be straightforward and there will have to be some pain along the way - not just a 10 point deduction but a slashing of the playing budget I'd imagine, but the aim overall is to keep the club alive - don't lose sight of that.

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It certainly made for interesting reading, and whilst some of the comments made about the club's situation were tough to listen to, I had to agree with most of them.


I hope that whatever happens tomorrow - whether the club is saved or it is liquidated, and a new club is born and has to start again lower down the pyramid - a Windsor & Eton club can move forward, learn the harsh lessons that have been dealt out here, and never return to the point it finds itself now.


Best wishes and good luck to Peter at the high court tomorrow.

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