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Points Needed And Quickly!

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Carshalton Next up For us Away, Still Wondering Weather to Go or Not?, But After Losing 6 Point to Teams that We Expected to Beat, But that's The Way Football Goes I Guess, Either Way We Played One of The Games Quite Well And Another Conned Out of By The Ref!, Tuesday Make or Break? You Decide Beacause I Don't Have a Clue...

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We could lose tuesday and would still be well in the race,plenty of twists and turns,we havent really had a wobble yet and hopefully this is it and it finishes today.

Need to get as many down to the remaining away games,create a bit of atmosphere.

We didn't deserve to lose today but didn't deserve to win,i thought we played ok without lacking that cutting edge,that will come though i am sure

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Anyone that has the chance to go to a game and support Hornchurch should make the effort - this is just the time the club needs everyone to go. That little bit of extra support could make all the difference. I would be extremely surprised if we didn't make the playoffs from here - if we are to go further then everyone needs to chip in

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Keep the faith, still plenty more points to play for and no doubt more twists and turns to come.

We are having a great season and would have settled for our present position at the start of the season. We are still in it and all to play for.

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