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Get in there!

kimbles left foot

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Absolutely phenomenal. Tonbridge were very sharp and very fast. 
Their commentator noted that we hadn't had a competitive game for a month and no real chance to train properly as a complete unit. Didn't look that way. The friendlies will obviously have helped but are no substitute for the real thing.

Alex Sharp noted in his program notes that Conference clubs are sniffing around our players - and obviously this result will only increase the interest - but I fervently hope the targeted players will stay put with a manager who believes in them rather than someone looking for a stop-gap temporary solution.

The best game I've never been to.

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GET IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a brilliant performance as a team tonight and a deserved win after working so hard.  The whole team raised it's game and performance after what i think is a harsh red card for Parcell especially since later in the game 2 Tonbridge players did similar tackles and not even a card was shown.

Once again this team has shown its quality against National League opposition and that it can play at that level if and when they make it up there.


Dulwich will be tougher opponents on Saturday but the lads can go into the game with confidence and do us proud 


Up The Urchins!!!!!

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Looking at the winning goal with Remi making that run, has to be said it was an inspired substitution as he looked like a handful all second half, feel bit sorry for Nash being taken off but accross the whole team that red card seemed to really left every player to a point where I didn't rally notice it was 10 men as the whole team dominated much of the second half.

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