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I love the smell of back to back victories


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4 wins out the last 6 it's play off form results business not a thriller apart from the last 15 minutes,team dug in but what a shift by Liam unlucky not increase our lead at the end my prediction wasn't bad either up the Urchins

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Great game of football. Onwards and hopefully upwards.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=955cLEF_vrE laughable interview with the Kingstonian manager. He blames the nature of the running track as a reason for their loss.

I feel sorry for the running track #Justicefortherunningtrack ? :smash:

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A fantastic team performance all round to contain a Kingstonian side who were smashing goals in everywhere at the start of the season and It's a credit to the Urchins that the team kept them down to 1

We had both regular full backs missing but Ronnie and Ellis both filled in superbly to restrict opportunities down the flanks and the rest of the team were solid all game.

I personally think Ronnie Winn was our Man of the Match and put in a performance as good as the one he did from the bench v Oxford City 2 seasons ago.

Was lovely to see Tobi Joseph come off the bench and have an impact on the game along with Ola when they did as i opened things up a bit after some hard work put in by both Ruff and Stimson.

Was great to see Finn play too even if it was due to injury I hope he felt settled and can carry some confidence going forward to our next matches.

I feel the squad has turned a corner and grown in confidence and I really hope they can kick on and challenge the playoff places which are not far off.



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