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Well done the Spence family

Ruth Cork

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24 minutes ago, Miss.A.F.C.Hornchurch said:

Well done to Lewwis and Drew.


Does anyone know if this is a first for two siblings to win at Wembley in the same calendar year?


Gary and Phil Neville won the FA Cup for Manchester United in 1996.

Brian and Mark Stein won the league cup for Luton Town in 1988. 
Jimmy and Brian Greenhoff won the FA Cup for Manchester United in 1977. 

Bobby and Jack Charlton won the World Cup for England in 1966.

George and Ted Robledo won the FA Cup for Newcastle United in 1952.

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so then is it possible this might be the first Brother and Sister to win a trophy at Wembley in a calendar year!.

Well done to Drew Spence and I hope perhaps we might get to hear her football stories over at the Urchins one day to inspire the next generation of ladies.

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Jack Charlton winning the league cup with Leeds United and Bobby Charlton winning the European Cup with Manchester United in 1968 both held at Wembley is one which  first comes to mind.

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Considering that there have only been 7 women’s cup finals played at Wembley which have been won by only 3 teams, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City, there is a very limited pool to draw from. 

As best as I can find this is the first time ever that a brother and sister have won a cup final at Wembley, not only in one year but ever.

But more than happy if shown to be wrong in this.

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To keep the discussion going and may be something unique has there ever been a brother and sister?


The answer is YES it is unique -  it has never happened before - this is the first time that brother and sister have won winner's medals at Wembley. And  you will find that Drew Spence has twice picked up a winner's medal at Wembley.

As Lewwis said (it's in the book, One Nil Down, Three One Up) -

All the years of ups and downs, commitments and sacrifices you made have paid off and both your children have won at Wembley (take that in). Drew you all always said you wanted to follow in my footsteps but ultimately I followed in yours, keep shining.

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