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Enfield Town v Cray Wanderers

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Hopefully we'll play more like we did 2nd half v PBT.

Solid performance by the new gk and always pleasing to keep a clean sheet.   Hopefully we can stay injury free moving forwards and put in some more solid performances.

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Connolly, Muleba, Kirwan, Thomas, Kiangebeni, Youngs, Bray, Smith, Coker, Faal, Della-Verde

Gyebi, Cunnington, taaffe, Chappell, Cook



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17 minutes ago, old towner said:

This is not acceptable cray are a bottom 5 team we should be on top of the game

They are a much-changed outfit from the poor start they had to the season - the likes of Jai Reason moving to Cray after regularly playing in the National League and Chris Dickson having won the FA Trophy with Hornchurch last season - to name but two.

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23 minutes ago, The Crowing Cockerel said:

ft 4-4

Can't expect to get anything out of a game when you concede 4 goals.

Mystic TCC predicts we'll be 9th by the end of January.

That high ?

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A goal in the first few minutes of each half shows something is wrong.

I don't know how many times I have said in the past that in these periods of play you should be at your most cautious.  It is the time when you need to keep the ball or get it off the field so as the opposition can't use it until you settle. Especially as we have proved on several times that we have the ability to come strong in the final 15 minutes so long as we stay in the game.

This should be basic knowledge for any coach!!! But it seems to have gone out of the window these past few weeks.

Fortunately, we came good again.

Also I think from what I have read no team should take Cray for granted from now on.


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Not sure what to make of that game, our defence was awful and our keeper didn’t really give you much confidence they ran through our midfield with ease it seemed it took awhile for us to adapt to the artificial surface too many over hit passes and many players slipping, Cray scored with there first attack but we managed to go in 2-2 at the break, Muleba didn’t appear for the second half and pk dropped back which in my opinion is a waste of his playing strengths 2 more home goals went in although one was an own goal and he was replaced, we pushed forward in numbers and despite some blatant time wasting by Cray we managed 2 more goals to gain a draw I’m sure if the game had gone on another 5-10 min would have scored again, I thought mo looked out of sorts delle-verde and Coker were lively Taaffe and Cunnington did well when they came on Taaffe especially scoring 2 goals a special mention must go to the referee who was very poor for both sides in the end getting a draw was a relief especially being 4-2 down although I feel this game was a missed opportunity as Cray were there for the taking as they are just an average team, we must sort the defence out for Lewes on Saturday as we can’t afford another poor defensive display, not sure where Joseph was today hopefully he will be back 

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