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Wingate & Finchley v Enfield Town


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Our defence has been consistently porous all season. Yeh, its exciting for the fans, but it won't keep you in the top 5.

Meanwhile Stortford are 2-0 up at Haringey after 8mins...nope, 3-0 up after 17mins1

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9 minutes ago, old towner said:

Let’s get back to basics learn to play  as a team and keep the ball 

are we going to plan b yet if all else fails keeper to forwards long lost ball 

New management team please 

Stand by what I said at the start of the season: if we don't make the play-offs then AL has to go. Add to that the fact that there won't be a Mo to bail him out after this season.

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1 minute ago, old towner said:

TCC I think AL has had to long here we need fresh blood some one who knows how to play good football no t kick and hope 

The only way that is happening though is if there is a complete capitulation and we don't make the play-offs. To be fair, with AL's tactical nous, I don't see us getting any points from the Worthing, Hornchurch or Leatherhead games for starters.

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And us 3-0 down 

1 minute ago, The Crowing Cockerel said:

Wingate 3 - 0 ETFC

Wheels coming off.

Wheels off already and please nobody mention how good or bad the pitch is we are both playing on it well w&f are we are just looking at them 

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