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I overestimated Potters Bar before kick off personally I thought they were awful today, top of the league as well massive statement from us today hot on the tails of the league leaders on our day we are very good and we turned up up the Urchins 

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I'm still buzzing,  a great team performance by all. Our front line today were unbelievable, many a time have I been critical of Charlie,  but today I have to say the boy played well. Both Sam and Liam were brilliant. Liam was at his best, when he was not upfront he was running back and covering.

Back four, Kenny is now playing like the player I've always thought he is, great to have Micky back at his best, I can't fought any of the team today.

 Just to say I don't often post on here about our games but today I just had to.



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My mom was Sam , although Liam was amazing - hope someone caught his last goal as that was special. Fantastic performance , keeps us chasing top spot. Ollie and Lewwis were really good in midfield , that was the key in winning the game. COYU 

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Every single player was outstanding. I guess it is natural to up your game against the league leaders, or maybe it was a reaction to the somewhat insipid performance against Brightlingsea.
I concur with Dibs that Charlie had perhaps the best game he has had in a long while, I don't think he lost a single header as the target man for Joe Wright to find and then there was the essence of Dennis Bergcamp just before the foul for the penalty.

I liked the improvised routine for the 12 yard indirect free kick because I can't believe that is a training routine as you just never see those given (I'm not even sure it was a pass back). Can't understand why the ref made them do it twice but even after a rehearsal Potters Bar defence were helpless against the power of Sam's shot. I was greedily desperate for Sam to also get a hat-trick because double hat-tricks are also a very rare sight.

I would imagine that the rest of our league were watching out for this result as top-of-the-table clashes always bring interest and I suspect there are a few nervy teams out there tonight. If it wasn't for the penalty decisions against us that was a comprehensive 5-0 thrashing.

I hope that the same level of performance can be repeated next week against Bowers as they have also been a bit of a bogey team in recent seasons. "Top of the League" has such a nice ring to it and having been there already this season it would be nice to do it again.



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Cheers for all the insight and reviews of the game...absolutely cracking result and hard fought away win👌...Meanwhile yesterday in deepest darkest Larne...we were standing in the coldest, wettest, windiest football ground with zero cover watching our local team lose 2 nil away and the only smiles were us keeping up to date with the Urchins as always!

We are due to come over next month when the double 2 day rail strikes are scheduled...should these still happen, we will be plotting all alternatives to make sure we get to the game!  

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