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Well let's be honest for a local Derby the first 89 minutes were dire and wasn't helped by their keeper continually wasting time then wallop Liam in the last minute of normal time then a big melee Bowers sending off then deliberate handball in the 100th minute in the Bowers penalty area sending off goal number 2 by Higgo,pandemonium in the Urchin end.Have not seen us outnumber the home fans since the Essex senior league days,oh yeah and we are top of the league,up the Urchins 

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Lots of pressure but nothing translating into goal opportunities but Liam is always a threat and finished from a tight angle to some of the best goal celebrations I’ve seen for a while. Bit of an altercation shortly afterwards, think there were a few high emotions around. GK really should have stayed back for the corner at the end , open invitation to attack the goal and so it proved as a handball and a foul in the same move got the pen that Sam put away with no issues. Great determination from the Urchins today and these are the sort of games that we need to convert 1 point to 3 and we did. Well done all, left it late and at 0-0 you are always worried about the opposition nicking a win. COYU

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