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Had to dig deep for 3 points


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Getting to the top of the league is one thing staying there is another.Nobody going to give us an easy ride,Folkstone determined to kick us all over the park I wouldn't mind but the officials let them do it,staggering,fair play to the Urchins 1 nil down against the run of play to end up winning 2 one with mom Rickie Hayles sealing all 3 points the icing on the cake would have been when Charlie's screamer came back off the underside of the bar,downside the woeful attendance come on boys we're top of the league,up the Urchins 

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Another game, another opposition team time wasting in the first half holding out for a draw.

Last year saw a long unbeaten run start around about this time with game after game with unchanged winning side, but currently each game seems to bring a new injury. So it is credit to the depth of squad that players just step up and do a supreme job despite often being out of their natural position.

Good to see Jordan and Ellis back and also Mark Onyemah training during the warm-up.

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Echo everything above. It’s the injuries that’s going to punish this squad. Two games running where the gk has been allowed to blatantly waste time from kick off (you expect it if you’re close to a good result at the end of a game). Very brave performance, shame about Bishops Storford getting a result but we’ve got a healthy gap to the other teams now. Well done guys

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A fantastic result from a team missing so many important players and off the back of a 5 game run away from home in the league so it was great to see the lads take 3 well deserved points.

They had to fight hard for this one and had several great chances to score before the penalty which was nothing short of a blatant dive and the ref seemed to indicate handball which clearly their wasn't when you see the replay.

All we really needed to take control was to take the game in at 1-1 half time which we did thanks to a great piece of play for spence to score and from that point on we stepped up the pressure to dominate the 2nd half and secured the win and despite the result only being 2-1 the whole team put in a performance that deserved so much more.

a super win in cold hard conditions and the sort of win you have to battle out if you want to be top and have a chance to win the league so well done to all the lads.


Up the Urchins.



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