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Rumour mill Started!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unfortunately because of his injury we didnt get much chance to see Ben Walshe playing in the same team as Roy Essendoh...I cant help thinking that Roy would get a lot of goals from Bens crosses.


I would think that who gets offered a contract for next season amongst the current side would depend a lot on where Andy Ford intends to play Lee Protheroe.

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Agree with you Alan. Shame really, Ben seemed to enjoy his time with us. Talented true professional and a joy to watch.

A couple of memories... his elation (& ours of course) after scoring twice at the Daggers... and the skill he showed when he made Drury's goal at Westleyvage, one of the best goals of the season, IMO.


Also a shame if Perks is leaving. Thought he was one of our best players overall and scored a few important goals too.


Other rumours heard on Sat about players leaving include Abbey, Gledhill, Sidebe & Shearer. Wilko was also mentioned even though he's already signed up!??


Not as bad as last year but Andy does have a bit to do before K.O. next season. With Andy being full time and the Fleet probably being able to attract better quality players this time around, I'm sure we'll have an even better squad.


Players in.... Jacko and 2 from the 'Git' (midfielder & striker)???

Rumours eh.......



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The Git haven't got any strikers worth having, have they...? I think we know who the midfielder is though, or at least their forum alludes to it!


I'd like to keep Abbey, would like to see Roy feeding off Moussa's crosses and Ben nipping in to pick up the loose balls. Someone else said Moussa had signed for next season...? Would hate to lose Gledhill or Shearer as well - wouldn't've thought they'd be going anywhere.

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Players In


Jay Saunders(Margate)


Players Definately Staying

Wilko Moore

Mitten Skinner

Gledhill Rousse

Shearer Macca

Sidibe Drury

Pinnock Essendoh


Players Leaving







Lee Surey Abbey Haworth

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